Some more thoughts on the Fuji X100

While my rants about the X100 may make visitors think that I do not like the camera, the contrary is true. I love it. The pictures I get from it, have the same IQ (and for the uninitiated that means “Image Quality”) as those I get with my Nikon D700 when used with some of my prime lenses. Only the Fuji weights about 500 gr while the D700 about 1,0 Kg.

I do use the Fuji more than all my other cameras these days, and if it wasn’t for the bad feelings I have for not shooting some of my film babies lately, I wouldn’t mind at all leaving the D700 and the D300 in the closet.

The issue I have with the X100, is just that I can’t stand some of its peculiarities. For example, why can’t focus be initiated by the AE-L/AF-L button, in all modes?!? Or why the Focus rectange in MF is not resizeable, while it is in AF-S. These things are easily fixable in the camera’s firmware, so I am wondering why isn’t Fuji fixing them.

Oh, yes, there are also some morons on the Internet, who are supposed to be close to Fuji (is that the only relation they have with the company?!?!?), who try to justify these inconsistencies with crazy excuses. Today, in another forum dedicated to Fuji X-cameras, where one of those “Fuji cameras are perfect as they are” morons frequents, a member asked this same question “Why is the focusing rectangle in MF not resizeable?”. And here is the moron’s answer:

There isn’t an AF box in MF mode. The box you mean is a magnifier frame, bit since there’s currently only one magnification setting available (16x, I guess), there’s currently no reason for an adjustable box. There’s simply nothing to adjust to. This will change once Fuji update their firmware to allow multiple magnification settings. Then, the box will change along with it. Wait until June.

He had given me the same answer some time ago, when I had asked the same question and when I asked him which area of the viewfinder is used to focus the camera, in MF, when I press the AE-L/AF-L button, he had no answer to give me. There is certainly a section of the viewfinder, that is used for focusing the camera in MF mode, and that section corresponds exactly to that rectangle, as the awful firmware 1.20 has shown to every X100 user. Except that according to this moron, that is not a focusing rectangle, it is a magnifier frame. So which is the area used for focusing, if it is not that rectangle? And this guy should be close to Fuji, because he knows that these things (or at least some of them) will be fixed in the next firmware version, which will come out (according to him) in June.

Fuji, those people are not doing you any justice. They are destroying your image in their effort to defend the issues your cameras have. If they are so close to you, as they want to appear in public to be, may I humbly suggest that you put some ice on their heads?

The X100 issues are by now well-known to the entire photographic community. Why don’t you guys address those issues and come up with a time schedule for fixing them? We would all applaud and no one will hold you liable if you are off a few days or weeks. But pretending there are no issues and having those morons defend you in public, is much worst than acknowledging them.