Why jailbreak developpers lost a friend

It’s well known that I am an avid Apple user. My first Apple device was an iPhone 2, followed by a MacBook, an iMac and several other iPhones until my current iPhone 4S (OK, you can  count my son’s iPhone 5 too). All my iPhones have been jailbroken and several non-Apple programs added from Cydia. My last jailbreak was on iOS 6.1.2, on which I stayed for more than a year, waiting anxiously for the iOS 7 jailbreak to appear.

As the whole iPhone community knows, the jailbreak for iOS 7 appeared a week or so ago. So today, I decided to jailbreak my 4S. What a stupid decision!

It appears that in order to rush the jailbreak to the community, before another hacker comes up with one, the evasion developers shoot themselves to the foot. They came up with a jailbreak, but didn’t comminicate it to the other software developers. As a result, most of Cydia programs do not work with the new jailbreak! So what good is it? I really wonder what good is the jailbreak, if the programs do not work with it!

After spending some hours trying to make my phone behave like it did with iOS 6.1.2, I gave up in disgust and I decided that I’ll no longer jailbreak my phones. It’s pointless.

You rely on some unknown coders, to come up with a jailbreak, which doesn’t even guarantee you that the programs you have purchased from Cydia, and on which you have relied for years, will work. How stupid is this? How stupid is to con the entire iPhone community with your product, if it doesn’t offer the functionality the phone owners need and want? From what we hear, it appears that the developers of the latest jailbreak, were hoping to get one million US$ for it, by some Chinese company, which has been proven to maintain a web site with pirated software. Maybe that’s the reason? I do not know, but I know one thing:

You lost an avid Cydia user you idiots! And I am sure that there are more like me, who do not enjoy being conned by you. Sorry Saurik, I know it’s not your fault, but I can no longer afford to spend hours to fix my phone to the condition it was before the upgrade. No more Cydia for me. So long suckers!

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