Changing computer name in Mac OS

How do you change your Mac computer name, if you so want?

There are several sites on the Internet, which suggest that you go to System Preferences, Sharing and edit the computer name in one of the selections there, like File Sharing or Remote Management, right at the top there.

Well, unfortunately this is NOT true. It just doesn’t work that way.

I recently copied the system disk, from one of my Macs, to another one and installed the new disk in a Mac Mini 2012 I just got. So I went in System Preferences, Sharing and changed the computer name. However, when I tried to edit the settings from the ChronoAgent, I noticed that the old computer name was shown. I contacted Econ Technologies (the makers of ChronoSync and ChronoAgent) and they were puzzled too. They had me take screen grabs of my settings and send them to their engineers. They just couldn’t figure out. They even created a new version of ChronoAgent, with more reporting capabilities, in order to figure that out. Well, I didn’t even had to use the new version, running console, it was evident that the computer was still using the old computer name instead of the new one I had entered in Sharing.

This bug affects both El Capitan and Sierra (latest versions).

So what’s the solution to this problem (changing your Mac computer name)?

Simple! Open a terminal window and enter the following command:

sudo scutil –set HostName YourNewComputerName

Immediately, the host name is changed to the new one and your computer is now rebaptized.

I hope this helps someone!